Nakanjakko Noeline


My name is Nakanjakko Noeline one of the First Erasmus Student Exchange programme beneficiaries in the Geography Department, Makerere University Kampala. I was enrolled in a student exchange program between Makerere University and Dimitrie Cantemir, Targu Mure in Romania under the Erasmus.

While in Romania we were able to have a number of presentations about our country and University which impressed many Romanians who showed interest in coming to Uganda. They were impressed by our cosines, wildlife, fruits and dances.

We attended the European day of talent exhibition. On this day many talented people exhibited talents and I had an opportunity of learning Quilling with Professor Maria Oroian of Dimitrie Cantemir. We handled lectures with Geography students at the University of Dimitrie Cantemir which gave us an experience of teaching Europeans!

We had a number of visits to places in Romania like their country side, shopping malls, zoo and other cities which gave us a picture of what truly happens in comparison with our towns.

Erasmus made my childhood dream of crossing international borders come true. I was able to experience winter weather conditions that I had been reading about. I had many interactions and learning new languages. I now have a better perception of so many things especially about people and cultures.

Although I was managing my life in Uganda, Erasmus experience taught me how to manage my life in Europe of which I believe I can ably guide anyone interested. I was also able to make new friends. I believe this is the start of my international life. I strongly encourage this Kind of Exposure for all Ugandans.

My profound thanks to Erasmus and Geography Department of Makerere University for this life changing opportunity which I believe will help me build my career and personal development.

About The Erasmus Programme

Erasmus is the European Union flagship education and training programme that enables students to study or do internship/traineeship abroad. It supports individuals in higher education interested in lecturing in a university in another country. Programme is open for Academic and Administrative staff as well as students. Administrative staff go for job related training and attending conferences and workshops while students do specialized courses.

The Study abroad experience contributes to enriching a students’ academic knowledge and professional competences and supports their personal development. This programme supports internationalization of higher education institutions, brings about new and improved services, new methods of learning and teaching and working in higher education institutions. It brings new forms of cooperation and a greater understanding of the opportunities available beyond their borders.

Benefits of Erasmus

Learning abroad equips individuals with a range of competences including improved language skills and the ability to understand different perspectives and cultures to become more self-reliant, independent and culturally aware.

Erasmus also benefits students who do traineeships in companies abroad in that students gain better understanding of other economies as well as the chance to develop specific skills.

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