Nshimirimana Louis Marie


I am Nshimirimana Louis Marie a Burundian offering a Bachelor of Business Administration at the College of Business and Management Sciences as a private international student.

I applied for admission at MAKERERE University in the academic year of 2016-2017 and I was admitted under the program mentioned above. This was so exciting to my side because I have been dreaming to study at the best universities of Africa and what was a dream became true on 22nd August when I got my admission letter.

Getting an admission at MAKERERE University was a great achievement to me but there are so many challenges am facing as an international student like language barriers, different cultures in society, etc. When I came at MAKERERE, my objective was to get good grades in my course but I found it hard because of those challenges I mentioned above. While am struggling to learn and speak English, the others don’t have that problem. This is because since primary up to A level I’ve been studying in French and when I came to MAKERERE I found all course units in English. Another challenge is about getting student pass as an international student where you find that is very hard to get. The immigration department delays approving our applications because we are accused of staying in Uganda illegally. This issue is obviously supposed to be handled outside the University but I think MAKERERE as a big institution in Uganda and in Africa has to help its students on this issue.

Despite all those challenges stated above even though some of them are personal, I really appreciate the education being delivered at MAKERERE. I can see that by the time I will graduate God willing, I will be having many and different skills which will help me to build my Country and earn a living.

Conclusively, I would like to thank the staff working in the international students office for their support and call upon them to multiply meetings with us so that we can get space to express our issues.

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