Gai David


I am Gai David a South Sudanese offering a Bachelor Of Science in Nursing Year 4, Semester One 2017/2018 at the College Of Health Sciences, School Of Health Sciences as a private international student.

My Experiences At Makerere University

About four years down the road, my passion for Makerere University is still high. I joined in 2014 and I didn’t know what to expect then but now each day comes with less uncertainties. The university has a conducive adult learning environment that allows individuals to explore their potentials in terms of social interactions through associations, forums and classes filled with variety of nationalities and ethnicities. The lectures are done in a less stressing manner to the students. Ugandan students have been very helpful and welcoming which has made me feel at home like their fellow citizen. My interaction with them has been wonderful and productive for the last 3 years and am continuing to have the best of the university life. There is no discrimination of any form at Makerere University. I have had a variety of opportunities to learn new languages, both national and international. I do encourage all international students to use this opportunity to learn other cultures within the university. I must say my university experience has been greater than I had anticipated, thanks to Makerere University. However, this might not have been pleasant if it wasn’t for the administration in the international office that has been set up, both due to its existence and to the personalities that work in this office. The international office orients international students and introduces them to these different opportunities and challenges that they may encounter in the university. On a personal basis, this office has been very helpful in various ways. I have used it several times and I have not been disappointed. I am honestly proud to be a student of Makerere University.

There are however some challenges I have gotten during this study period. The delay of the University management in responding to staff and students demands resulting into strikes every now and then. This disrupts studies and hence the academic calendar. This is so inconveniencing and appears to be a major weakness in Makerere University. I would wish the administration to always promptly and appropriately respond to these demands before they cause major damage to the university in terms of property and time lost.

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