Lisa Heinemann


Nationality: German, Home University: Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Admitted to School Of Social Sciences, Makerere in Academic Year 2014/2015 Semester 1.

Studying at the Makerere has widened my international experience greatly. I have learned a lot in the courses which I have attended. My lecturers were friendly and great knowledge about their field of expertise. This helped a lot in getting the syllabus across and if something wasn’t understood lecturers tried to explain it another and clearer way. My fellow students were friendly which resulted in a good learning atmosphere. I was able to make friends whom I could study with as well as meet with outside the campus. When I needed help in organiza-tional matters I was always able to get support somewhere from either a fellow student, a lecturer or the international office. However I was also the one inquiring mostly anything re-garding the academic registrar. I see this part as an area of improvement. I suggest to simply introduce the international student to the process and the deadlines in the beginning so as not to have surprises in the middle of the process and therefore to rush to get pictures taken or organize other attached matters. William and Martha from the international office though remained helpful and were grand contact persons one could always go to or even call.

The accommodation I lived at was the ‘Akamwesi’ or now rather ‘The Ark’. This was recom-mended to me by the international office and I was told that it is a hostel where international students live and have lived. Though it is a fine hostel I didn’t think the cost-benefit ratio was appropriate. After two months the internet – which a year ago was even available on all floors but now only was available in one room on the ground floor – broke down and wasn’t repaired since. This I think is representative for the whole hostel where the rooms etc. are not properly maintained. The staff however was lovely and helpful at all ends. One was able to ask for help or simply have a talk.

All in all I had a good experience and I am glad I came to Makerere for an exchange semester. I would recommend Makerere to anyone who wants to make an exchange semester and who can cope with a lifestyle that is different from theirs. Uganda is a unique country. The lifestyle is another from what a person in the west knows their life to be but the Ugandans are mostly friendly and courteous and it is therefore easy to dive in and feel comfortable quick.

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