Franziska Freihart


Last year (2016) Anne and me (Franziska) spent one semester at the Department of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University of Kampala. From the beginning up to the end we had a great time. Everything went well and everybody tried to help us. The courses are high-class and sophisticated but they offered us a deeper view in the journalism work in Uganda. Also the support of the international office and our head of department was very good. We could always come with all our matters and they tried to help us. I would definitely do it again.

I also fell in love with the country and the society itself. People are unbelievable friendly here and try to be there for you whatever happens. They help you with finding the right bus, they help you when you are sick and they help you when your day was crap. This is an attribute I’ve never seen before and it made me really happy. I felt and still feel like home in this country. Also the food is great and to get always fresh fruits and vegetables is awesome. There are also several possibilities for shopping and dancing. So I never missed anything during my stay.

So all in all I made wonderful experiences at Makerere University and in the country. I can just give you as an advice: It’s definitely worth it to come to Kampala.

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