International Students

The International Relations Office is responsible for promoting international activities at the university especially student activities. Students are particularly important as they contribute to internationalization. They bring experiences from their universities and take experiences of Makerere back to their universities. The office works in liaison with the Academic Registrar and Dean of Students’ offices.

Currently, we have international students both undergraduates and post graduates in various disciplines from America, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Korea, Zambia, Japan, South Africa and many other countries. Students from Europe and America usually come for short term studies of one semester while Koreans and Japanese come for one academic year. By studying at Makerere, they interact with our students and enrich our academic programmes by sharing experiences.

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Student Accomodation

Accommodation for both undergraduate and postgraduate students is available. In most cases international students face a challenge of looking for where to stay. We have hostels and residential places affiliated to Makerere University, however there are other hostels around Makerere University Campus.

dag hammarskjold hall

dag hammarskjold kitchen

Inside Dag Hammarskjold, Makerere's Post Graduate Mixed Hall Of Residence

Campus Welfare

A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are available to Makerere students, faculty and staff. Getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become part of the University community, and to create one's own University experience. Campus life activities are built around the concepts of encouraging each community member to express his or her talents and to respect all members of our pluralistic community.

1. The University Hospital

The Hospital is managed by the Director in conjunction with the Hospital Administration and also assisted by the Senior Nursing Officer. The Hospital comprises of various units which render different services to the University Community. It has medical units which are available to staff, both senior and junior, and to students. It offers both curative and preventive services which include General out-patient care, immunization, Dispensing(including Anti-Retral Viral), Routine medical examination, Sexual and Reproductive health services, Laboratory services, In-patient services/Admission, Pediatric care, minor surgery, Covid 19 testing, X-ray and Ultra sound services, Dental care services and so many other services.

Location: Located At Makerere Hill Road After Makerere Main Gate.

2. The Religious Settings

The university is a multi religious institute that offers services to both muslims and christians students in their respective places of worship in the Mosque for muslims, St. Francis Chapel to Protestants and St. Augustine Chapel to Roman Catholics.

The Makerere University Mosque

The Makerere University Mosque located within the Campus

3. The Entertainment

Entertainment in Makerere University is seen from exhibitions of art and creative works, cultural galas, sports, music and entertainment. From the respective departments of for example Music Dance and Drama weekly festivals are arranged. These festivals take place inside Makerere university at a free cost to all students and visitors of Makerere University.

Sports and recreational centers are also available in Makerere University. The makerere University sports grounds plus the Rugby grounds provide a maximum satisfaction in all sports areas.

The Campus FM radio station allows students and other fans to share and discuss their views with their other friends. The makerere University community have found this an aspiring channel for communication and entertainment.

The other notable entertainment facilities/functions at the University include:

a) The Sports Grounds

The Makerere University sports grounds favors almost all sports a student needs from Basketball, volleyball, soccer, athletics, badminton, tennis, handball and all others. The grounds are found inside Makerere university behind Mary stuart Hall, just after Makerere college school.

b) The Swimming Pool

As part of the Makerere University sports department, many young students have trained from this swimming pool up to the international levels. Amongst these is Aya Nakitanda (faculty of medicine) who competed for Olympics 2008 in Beijing Chaina, Ibra Kamal (Engineering), Bronze winner in Melbourne Australlia 2004, so many others have grown up into proffessional swimmers. The pool is inside the university opposite the Music, Dance and Drama department.

c) Makerere University Rugby Grounds

The rugby ground is located a few meters behind Africa and Livingstone Halls. The ground is big enough for students to have enough training and host competitions.

d) The Cultural Galas

The cultural gala takes place each academic year of study in Makerere University.This calls for all students both Ugandans and non Ugandans in their respective cultural tribes to compete, jubilate and celebrate altogether in one place. The Makerere University cultural gala has kept respect to all cultures without segregation and tribal conflicts.

Here students enjoy different cultural dance styles, singing, taboos, dressing styles, cultural norms, traditional regalia, myths and traditional stories, cultural beliefs and so, so many others. For conducive environments, these galas take place in halls of residence which are located inside the campus.

d) The Campus Bazaar

The campus bazaar occupies the first two weeks of the semester per year.Participants like manufacturing companies, music industries, media and advertising companies register with the Makerere University Council, upon their participation in the bazaar. During this registration, all participants reach an agreement upon providing quality and up to the standard products to students.

The bazaar includes shopping, music entertainment, foods, snacks and drinks plus lots of things.This does not only leave newly admitted students excited and happy but also continuing students finds themselves entertained at the end of it all. This bazaar takes place in Mitchell and Livingstone halls of residence, however extensions to other halls like the University hall and Lumumba hall is in plan.

d) The Campus Carnivals

Almost in each semester at the university comes a carnival. Normally these carnivals take place between two halls of residence, that is for instance Lumumba hall for boys and their closest neighbors from Mary Stuart hall for girls.

Music entertainment from both local and international artists crafts such an event plus speeches and interviews from the students guild representatives of both participating halls. Private Sponsorship is sometimes called from different media and telecommunications companies like MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, Uganda Telecom, Sanyu FM, Capital FM...

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