General Information For International Students

The International Relations Office coordinates the University’s student exchange programs with other universities and provides information to all international students.

1. Language Of Instruction Is English

Candidates from countries where the language of instruction is not English are required to supply evidence of proficiency in English. Foreign Applicants currently residing in Uganda may however sit an English proficiency test conducted by Makerere University.

Students wishing to take additional classes or English Proficiency Tests, Communication Skills in other foreign and local languages can visit the Centre for Language and Communication Services (C.L. C.S). The Contact person is Dr Enock Sebuyungo and can be reached at +256 414 530 106 or +256 774 212 251.

The Centre offers short certificate courses in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and local languages at the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The Centre also offers services in translation, interpretation, editing and proofreading.

2. General Examinations and Awards Regulations:

University Examinations:
For all programmes leading to academic awards of the University, there shall be University examinations as a mode of assessment. These examinations shall be normally conducted at the end of every semester.

Every examination for a Degree or Diploma of the University whether taken at one time or in sections shall be examined by:

(i) Internal Examiners, one, or where possible, two or more in each course and
(ii) External Examiners, one or more in each course.

Continuous Assessment consists of Tests, Assignments, Practical work etc., which are conducted throughout the programmes, and contributes a given percentage to the final assessment mark which varies from programme to programme.

Pass Mark:
The pass mark for ALL University undergraduate examinations shall be 50%.

Absconding from examinations:
A candidate who absconds from the University Examinations without satisfactory reasons shall normally be discontinued from studies at the University.

Programme Composition:
Each study programme will be composed of courses. The smallest course shall be one credit unit per semester and the largest course shall be five credit units per semester. A credit unit is defined as one contact hour per week per semester (one credit Unit is 15 hours).

Semester Course Load:
a) The minimum number of Credit Units per Semester shall be fifteen.
(b) The maximum number of Credit Units per Semester shall be thirty.

Guidelines for Transfer of Credit Units
Guidelines for transfer of credit units for students who apply to transfer from other recognized Universities or equivalent Institute of Higher Learning to Makerere University. Students should have the following requirements;

a) Must satisfy the admission requirement for the academic programme applied for.
b) Must obtain and submit an official academic transcript and Certificate from a recognized University/Institution of Higher Learning in which s/he was previously enrolled indicating his/her academic status, the courses offered/taken, the credit units completed and the grades obtained in each course.
c) Must have obtained the equivalent of Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.0.
d) Will be permitted to transfer to Makerere University Credits earned but the maximum of Credits should not be exceeding 60% of the minimum graduation load of the academic programme applied for.
e) If permitted to transfer s/he should not be allowed to transfer the equivalent of credit units I a course in which s/he obtained a Grade point which was lower than 3.0.
f) An Application must be accompanied by recommendations from the Institution or Authority s/he is transferring from.

Assessment and Grading Each Course will be assessed in two parts:-

i) Course - work (Progressive/Continuous Assessment) shall contribute not less than 30%
ii) Examinations shall contribute a maximum of 70% of the total marks.
Each Course shall be graded out of a maximum of one hundred (100) marks and assigned appropriate letter grades and grade points as follows:

Marks (%) Letter Grade Point Interpretation
90 - 100 A+ 5 Exceptional
80 - 89 A 5 Excellent
75 - 79 B+ 4.5 Very Good
70 - 74 B 4 Good
65 - 69 C+ 3.5 Fairly Good
60 - 64 C 3 Fair
55 - 59 D+ 2.5 Pass
50 - 54 D 2 Marginal Pass
45 - 49 E 1.5 Marginal Fail
40 - 44 E- 1 Clear Fail
Below 40 F 0 Bad Fail

Supplementary Examinations:
There shall be NO supplementary Examinations in the Semester System. When a student has to retake a course, s/he has to wait and retake that course when it is offered again. The student is required to attend lectures for this particular course, do coursework and tests and then sit the final examination with other students.

3. Registration

Registration is done at the Colleges and the School of law. All Students are required to register every semester according to the University regulations. Please note that if you do not register, you are not considered a university student even if you have paid tuition.

Registration requirements include:

i) Paying all functional fees and 60% of tuition for the semester as indicated on your admission letter.

ii) Attach copies of your academic documents (occasional students) and original copies (for full time students)

iii)Three Registration forms

iv) Copy of the pay slips and passport sized photograph on each form. The pay slip must be verified and signed by the College/School Registrar

4. Visa Requirements

International students whose countries are not exempted from having a visa to enter Uganda must visit the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control website and apply online for a visa.

You can obtain your visa online or at the point of entry into the country. The Institutional Code to fill in your application is 498851942.

East Africans do not require a passport or visa to travel within the regional states. They can use national passports and for those without passports, can use national identity cards.

For other inquiries, please contact the Ugandan Embassy or High Commission in your country.

5. Student Permits

It is important for all international students to have valid Student Permits once in the country. If your visa expires before completion of your programme, contact the International Office for assistance. Student Permits will be extended for ONLY FULLY REGISTERED students.

6. Identity Cards

All registered students are issued with official Makerere University identity cards on payment of a fee. It is important that you carry your identity card at all times.

7. Health Insurance

Students and visitors are required to have health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay. Insurance cover can also be purchased locally from licensed insurance companies available. A Yellow fever certificate is necessary for one travelling to Uganda and from Uganda to other regional states.

Visit the following link.

8. Cost Of Living

Cost of living in Kampala is generally fair. There is a Guild Canteen on campus where traditional food and fast foods are served and other restaurants in the different colleges and off campus which are affordable for students. Meals range between UgX 2,500 to 15,000 depending on location.
Approximately USD$ 250 a month for meals, local transport, airtime and other necessities.

9. Stationery

Students are supposed to provide their own stationery for use during lectures. Stationery can be purchased from the University Bookshop located on Pool Road next to Senate Building or from shops within and around the University.

10. Other Support Services

Library Services

There is the Main Library situated next and below the Freedom Square for all categories of students, Staff and researchers. There are also libraries in every College .You need to present a valid Student Identity Card for you to access the library. The Main Library can also be accessed by the public at a fee set by the Library Administration.

Email Services

After proper registration with the University, you will be able to obtain your email address.

Internet Services

Wireless Hotspots - Using a laptop, PC and hand held devices such as mobile phone with an internet wireless card or Wi-Fi functionalities, students can access the internet via the wireless hotspots. Students can also get internet access from internet kiosks across the campus.

Guidance and Counseling Centre

Guidance and Counseling Centre is available to help students deal with and solve their problems of living that would otherwise affect their academic achievement and their wholesome being in general. Click here for more information.

Student Guild

The Students Guild is a link between the students’ body and the University Administration. It is headed by a Guild President who is democratically elected by students in accordance with the existing guidelines. For more on its activities and mandate please click here for more information.

The International Office works closely with the Dean of Students Department and the Students Guild on all matters concerning international students’ affairs.


Besides academics, students are free to take extra curricular activities such as sports. The Department of Sports and Recreation offers welfare and sports skills services in the following;

Track and Field Athletics, Mini-marathon, Squash, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Rugby, Netball, Swimming, etc.


The University encourages participation in religious activities with two chapels for Christians. St Francis Chapel for Protestants and St Augustine for Catholics. There is a Mosque for Muslims by the main gate. There are also many other places of worship in the University neighborhood.


There is orientation in the first week of the semester for all new students national and international. In the second week, there is another orientation for new international students conducted by the International Office.

Makerere International Students Orientation for Academic Year 2016/17 on 7th September 2016

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